I have been seeing Dr. Azman for 30 plus years. A big chain optometrist told me long ago that I was not a candidate for contact lenses due to astigmatism. Dr. Azman fit me with rigid gas permeable lenses and I’ve been a happy patient for all these years. At age 55, I now wear a dual purpose lens for both near and far vision. Each side of the lens is ground to my prescription. One side for near vision and the other for far. Each lens came from a different manufacturer, since my prescription is so difficult to make. Dr. Azman knew how to get the lenses I needed and they have worked for me very well. The staff has always been polite, respectful and competent. These services are not cheap, but you cannot expect to get first class specialized service that no one else can offer for little cost. If you are a tough case, the go see Dr. Azman and see if he can help.