For most people, an eye exam is routine, but not for me! Through the last several years, my eyes have become increasingly more sensitive to light—especially the light needed for a routine eye exam. In the past, and with other eye doctors, my discomfort was not taken seriously, actually met with annoyance. This was not the case with Dr. Ross Cusic.


Not only was Dr. Cusic concern about my discomfort, but he identified the cause, something that should not have been going on unchecked. And he provided a regiment of care that has eliminated the related eye pain in the night, something so severe that I dreaded going to sleep.


I experienced Dr. Cusic, not only as a knowledgeable professional, but as an empathetic and caring medical provider. And in closing, I can state that his care is highly valued and based on my experience, I can unreservedly recommend Dr. Ross Cusic for routine and not so routine vision care.