Dr. Woloschak has been my optometrist since the beginning of his practice. Glasses had been prescribed for me for quite some time. However, I was not comfortable wearing them. They made me feel as though my world was closed in; and, in some instances, I would become dizzy. Contact lenses seemed to be the solution and Dr. Woloschak agreed. I have worn the contacts for over thirty years. At first I used the regular prescription lenses; then, as aging left its mark, bifocals were required. Multifocal contact lenses performed that function. Getting the proper lenses was quite a process. Dr. Woloschak and his staff worked diligently with me through many examinations and trials of possible lenses. Age 76 ┬áhas made use of contact lenses difficult for many people, but I have been able to wear them with comfort and good vision – thanks to the willingness of my optometrist to work with me and with various providers to obtain the appropriate lenses.